Polisan Kansai Paint

The Polisan brand is widely known in glue and paint sectors. The name is derived from polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue and the word sanayi (Turkish for industry).

PVA is also one of the raw materials of paint. Thus, Polisan’s industrial journey has been first producing the binder of paint (glue) and then the highest quality paint from this binder.

The founders of the company, the Bitlis family, started commercial operations in the 1920s as a merchandizing firm until the establishment of a fabric painting and knitting business called Şark Mensucat. In 1964, they entered the chemicals industry with the foundation of Polisan Chemical, which produced emulsifier resins. In 1985, paint production had begun under the Polisan brand. And during the next 33 years, the company went from strength to strength.

  • Annual production capacity that was 10,000 tonnes when first established is now 180,000 tonnes.
  • Polisan offers the widest range of products appealing to all price segments in the decorative paint market with more than 250 Polisan branded products in addition to package and color options.
  • “Elegance” premium interior paint is the market leader in its segment.
  • With the Turkey’s first equivalent to oil-based paint, its water-based gloss finishing coat sealed Polisan’s environmental, innovative and humane credentials. Polisan has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards certification.
  • Polisan developed the sector’s first water-based mixing machine offering retail customers the same quality as factory production.
  • Polisan developed the sector’s first interior paint with 7 superior properties and exterior paint with 9 superior properties.
  • Polisan’s unique “Home Cosmetics” concept was registered in 2008.
  • Established on May 17, 1918, Kansai Paint has achieved a turnover of 3.7 billion USD today with approximately 15,000 employees today thanks to the developments it has made over the last century. Kansai Paint has a wide range of products including Industrial Paints, Construction Paints, Auto Paints and a high technology product range. Originating in Japan, it operates in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Middle East regions with the subsidiaries and partnership structures. For more information, please visit www.kansai.com

Polisan Kansai Product Groups

  • Construction Group (Interior Paint, Exterior Paint, Wood Metal Paint, Special Purpose, Auxiliary Product)
  • Industrial Group
  • Marine Group
  • Glue Group
  • Furniture Group
  • Insulation Systems (Thermal Insulation, Water Insulation, Ceramic Dust, Special Product)

Our vision

To make the world more joyful, colorful and peaceful.

Our mission

To produce the most innovative, functional, practical, problem-solving products and to offer these products to the market at the most affordable prices in the most accessible way and with the most comprehendible application instructions to enable consumers enjoy the spaces they live in.

Our values

Integrity and Transparency
Commitment and Loyalty
Environmental Awareness

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