It is a siloxane-based, transparent waterproofing material that impregnates the floor or joints and provides water-repellent properties without forming a film layer on the surface. It can be applied on absorbent surfaces with waterproofing problems.

Surface Preparation&Application
The surfaces must be clean, smooth, solid and cleaned from all kinds of dust, oil, dirt, rust, mold oil, detergents and wastes that prevent adhesion. If segregation occurs in concrete, damaged and loose parts should be discarded and weak parts removed. The joints to be applied should be repaired, and if there are cavities or segregation on the surface, they should be repaired with EXELANS ENERGY REPAIR MORTAR. PROF W-TF application should be started after 3-4 days. The surface on which PROF W-TF will be applied must be dry. PROF W-TF is ready-to-use. It should be mixed for a minimum of 3 minutes with a low speed mixer in a clean container or in its own package. For maximum penetration when applying the first layer, it must be applied to dry surfaces with a suitable roller, brush or sprayer. The second layer must be applied about 4 hours later. An additional layer may be required on very porous surfaces to provide maximum protection.

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