A protective waterproofing material that preserves the naturalness of the stone and makes it waterproof without forming a film layer on the absorbent surfaces of the external facades where it is applied. Does not affect the appearance of the building or stone. High alkali resistance, can be easily applied to new or old concrete. Prevents salt efflorescence and staining caused by the mortar of pressed brick, natural / artificial stone, or plaster. Protects the building from rain damage and corrosion. Prolongs the life of structures.

Surface Preparation&Application
Surfaces must be clean, smooth, firm, and free from all types of dust, oil, dirt, rust, mold oil, detergents, and similar adhesion inhibiting substances and debris. If there is segregation in the concrete, clear away broken and loose pieces and remove weak pieces. If there are cracks and holes in the floor or wall to be treated, repair them with suitable repair mortars. PROF W - SV is a ready-to-use product. Apply in coats using brush, roller, or spray. It is completely dry after 24 hours.

Usage Areas
• Horizontal or vertical surfaces, • Exterior facades, • Absorbent surfaces such as brick, colored briquettes, aerated concrete, travertine, limestone, • Plastered surfaces, • Protection of historical monuments against atmospheric effects.

Coverage Area
6 - 8 m²/lt depending on application and surface condition

Drying Time
2-3 hours

Recommended Application Tools
Roller, brush, airless gun.

3 kg metal bucket

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