Special formula, transparent, silicon-added, wood protective spray coating. It is used on garden furniture made of teak and similar hard wood to renew the natural oil lost due to wearing, and to provide brightness.2.5-3 m²/400 ml on average per single coat given that it varies according to surface type, application thickness and color.

Surface Preparation&Application
The surface of the garden furniture must be dry and clean after cleaning and rinsing with mildly detergent water and drying. Furniture must be sanded and treated if it has been highly affected by adverse weather conditions. On matte furniture, the surface must be cleaned with, mildly detergent water, and after drying, apply the oil with a sponge and wipe off any excess. Shake the can for at least 1 minute and then spray from a distance of 25-30 cm in 2 or 3 thin cross coats waiting a 20 minute between coats.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Ready to use.

Coverage Area
Varies according to application

Drying Time
At 20°C, touch dry in 5-20 minutes, completely dry in 8-12 hours.

In 400 ml metal spray cans

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