PROF U-PP Reflective Paint Primer is a primer used in conjunction with PROF P-RP Reflective Paint. Ready-to-use blue colored emulsion designed to increase the thermal efficiency and adhesion of the applied surface.

Used as a primer under reflective paint on interior and exterior facades, concrete, gas concrete, gypsum, plaster, and similar raw walls, old lime whitewashed, emulsion-based old interior, and exterior painted surfaces.

Surface Preparation&Application
Remove dirt, rust, mold grease, etc. from the application surface, and clear away any plaster and concrete residue and waste. Prepare unstable substrates such as cracks and weak surfaces beforehand. Clean with pressurized water, wire brushing, or sand blasting as required. Surface must be clean and dry. Repair any active leaks and water spills before applying the product. You can apply PROF U - PP on both new and old painted surfaces. When applied on surfaces, it enables new paint to bond strongly with the surface. Never apply matte and semi-matte synthetic paints with high surface tension (such as Matrix Matte and Matrix Semi-Matte) as a topcoat on surfaces treated with PROF U - PP. Doing so may cause capillary cracking on the surface over time.

Coverage Area
150-200 g/m² (depending on application and surface)

Drying Time
Waiting time between costs is 3-4 hours at 20°C. Touch dry in 45-60 minutes at 20°C.

Recommended Application Tools
Apply with brush or roller.

18 kg

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