Water and acrylic copolymer based, silky matte, decorative final coat interior paint with silicone additive along with high coverage and wipe-clean features. Perla Semi-Matte Antibacterial is a long lasting and odorless paint with high coverage and wipe-clean feature. Furthermore it is easy to adjust consistency with water, integrates with application surface is highly breathable and easy to apply. Its silicon and special resin content makes it more water-repellent and vapor permeable and prevents the paint from bubbling and peeling especially in humid environments, while enhancing the wipe-clean durability of the paint.

Surface Preparation&Application
All surfaces must be smooth, dry and cleaned of dirt and dust. Cavities and cracks should be filled and a uniform flat surface can be achieved by applying PERLA PUTTY. If the surface has solvent based paint, TRANSFER PRIMER should be applied. FILLER PRIMER should be applied on mineral based low absorbing non-dusting raw surfeces as a single coat. A-STAR or POLİZOLAN should be applied on the surfaces which have the application of plaster to prevent dust emission. It should be applied to surfaces in two coats after 18-24 hours of application of primer. On between coats, should be waited at least 4 hours. The ambient and surface temperature should be between 5-30°C during application.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Thinned 10-20% by volume with water.

Coverage Area
15-18 sqm/L for a single coat

Drying Time
The paint is touch-dry in 15 minutes, dust-dry in 30 minutes and hard-dry in 4 hours at a temperature of 20°C and relative humidity of 50%.

Recommended Application Tools
Sateen roller, interior roller or brush

2.5 L - 7.5 L - 12.5 L

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