This is a special polymer reinforced, cement-based, single-component water insulation material that is used in both interior and exterior insulation of garages, terraces, basements and main floors for solving water insulation problems resulting from capillary effects as a product that makes the concrete watertight by producing crystals as a result of its reaction with water inside the concrete and enabling these crystals to penetrate into the capillaries of the concrete. Suitable for both positive water pressure side and negative water pressure side.

To 25 kg Exelans Energy Crystallized Water Insulation Mortar Powder inside a clean container, 7.0 – 7.5 mixing water at ambient temperature should be added for brush consistency. Exelans Energy Crystallized Water Insulation Mortar should be mixed slowly 3 to 5 minutes with a slow cycle mixer by adding water gradually until a homogenous and lump free mixture is obtained. At each party, the amount that will be consumed within 30 minutes should be prepared. The mixture will be ready to use by mixing for another 20-30 seconds after resting the mixture for 3 to 5 minutes.

Adhesion Strength (28 days) (N/mm²)
>0.50 N/mm²

Applicable Thickness
Min. 1.0 mm - max. 2.0 mm.

Water Amount (For 25 kg dry mortar)
7.0 L – 7.5 L

Drying Time
12 - 24 hours

Recommended Application Tools
Block brush

25 kg kraft bag

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