PROF U-AS Anti-Slip Fluid is a transparent solution that makes shiny and slippery surfaces non-slip and increases the coefficient of friction of the surface. Makes surfaces non-slip by penetrating into the floor without changing the appearance of the applied surface. Proven anti-slip performance in both wet and dry conditions when applied to flooring products such as ceramics, tiles and marble.

• Practical, easy-to-apply product.
• Does not destroy the decorative appearance of the existing floor.
• Does not form a coating or film on the floor.
• Long lasting, is not deformed by rain, snow, and UV rays.
• Color: Transparent

Surface Preparation&Application
Remove oil, dust, and dirt from floors covered with ceramic, marble, or tiles then wash and rinse with plenty of water. When the floor is dry after cleaning, pour PROF U-AS into a clean container and apply to the entire surface with a roller and brush. Never add water to the product. Wait 45-60 minutes after application, then wash the surface with plenty of water to remove PROF U-AS from the surface.

Coverage Area
100-150 g/m² (depending on application, temperature, and surface)

Recommended Application Tools
Apply with brush or roller.

0.5 L

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