Acrylic-based, water-based, elastic, UV-resistant waterproofing material. Easy-to-apply insulation material that can be used on terraces and roofs with light pedestrian traffic, and on metal and wooden surfaces.

Surface Preparation&Application
Surfaces must be clean, smooth, firm, and free from all types of dust, oil, dirt, rust, mold oil, detergents, and similar adhesion inhibiting substances and debris. If there is segregation in the concrete, clear away broken and loose pieces and remove weak pieces. If there are cracks and holes in the floor or wall to be treated, repair them with suitable repair mortars. As a primer on absorbent surfaces, either dilute PROF W - HA 1 to 1 with water (1 part PROF W - HA to 1 part water) and apply to the surface as a primer, or dilute PROF U-AP 1 to 7 and apply to the surface as a primer. Allow to dry for at least 2 hours after applying the primer. Mix with a low speed mixer for at least 3 minutes in a clean container or in its own packaging, free from all types of adhesion inhibiting substances. For maximum penetration, apply the first coat to a dry surface using a suitable roller, brush, or spray equipment. Wait approximately 4 hours before applying a second coat. Very porous surfaces may require an additional coat for maximum protection.

Usage Areas
• Waterproofing of terraces and roofs • Exterior facades• Roofs, wood • Over old bituminous problematic insulations • Shingle surfaces

Coverage Area
0.8 - 1 kg/m² depending on application and surface condition (for two coats)

Drying Time
4-6 hours.

Recommended Application Tools
Brush, roller.

5-18 kg plastic bucket

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