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Cellulosic Panel Door Paint
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Cellulosic Panel Door Paint

It is nitrocellulose and alkyd-based one-component, fast-dry, air-dried top coat paint which properly adheres on solid wood and MDF panel door surfaces.

Surface Preparation&Application
Surface Preparation&Application:

For wooden surfaces, Polisan Cellulosic, Polyurethane or Polyester Primer should be applied. The surface should be sanded before the paint.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Thinning / Blending Ratio:

Thinning 80-100% (One-component)

Recommended Film Thickness
Recommended Film Thickness:

90-100 gr/m²

Drying Time
Drying Time:

Completes dust-dry in 3-5 minutes, touch-dry in 10-15 minutes and full-dry in 12 hours. (At 23°C)

Recommended Application Tools
Recommended Application Tools:

Air - airless spray


12 kg - 2 L - 0.75 L