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Spray Varnish
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Spray Varnish

Fast-drying, solvent-based, protective and decorative spray varnish. Applied on internal or external surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, paper, cardboard, concrete, artificial flowers. Suitable for use in fields such as machinery, spare parts, steelwork, wood furniture, hard plastic, hobby and handicrafts, motorcycles/bicycles/automobiles. Resistant to water, extreme weather conditions and fading. Scratch and impact-resistant. Lead-free and CFC-free. The spray nozzle outlet is self-cleaning. 2.5-3 m²/400 ml on average per single coat. Used as top coat spray for brighter appearance and higher protection after the application of all acrylic RAL colors.

Surface Preparation&Application
Surface Preparation&Application:

The surface must be clean, grease- and dust-free, dry and sanded. Before application, thoroughly shake the spray for a minimum of 1 minute. After unlocking the safety catch on the cover, keep the can upright and spray on the application surface from a distance of 25 cm. Use constant finger pressure and spray small areas in a few thin cross motions. Be careful to spray the paint evenly on the entire surface in 2 coats with 15-20 minutes between coats.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Thinning / Blending Ratio:

Ready to use.

Coverage Area
Coverage Area:

Varies depending on application. Approximately 2.5-3 m²/400 ml for a single average coat.

Drying Time
Drying Time:

At 20°C, touch dry in 5-20 minutes and completely dry in 8-12 hours.


In 400 ml metal spray cans.