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Exelans Energy Ready-to-use Decorative Coat 2 mm
Insulation Systems / Thermal Insulation / Plasters

Exelans Energy Ready-to-use Decorative Coat 2 mm

This is a white cement-based, water-repellent, white, 2 mm thick, top decorative coat material with polymer additives that is applied as a coating material on the exterior wall or thermal insulation system plaster of buildings.


The powder inside the 25 kg package should be mixed with 6 - 6.5 L water inside a clean container with a slow-cycle electric drill until the mixture has a homogenous texture. The prepared mixture should be mixed once again after waiting for 5 minutes and prepared for application.

Adhesion Strength (28 days) (N/mm²) :

1.0 N/mm²

Applicable Thickness :

Min. 1.8 - max. 2.0 mm

Water Amount (For 25 kg dry mortar) :

6.0 L – 6.50 L

Drying Time :

12 - 24 hours

Recommended Application Tools :

Steel trowel


25 kg kraft bag