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Politex Putty
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Politex Putty

This is a water-based, odorless interior and exterior wood paste. Fast-drying, easily-sanded, silky interior paste that is used as filling and leveling paste on interior wooden surfaces with its high filling capacity.

Surface Preparation&Application
Surface Preparation&Application:

The surfaces should be cleaned from dirt, dust, grease, old paint and varnish residues. The surface should be sanded with fine grained emery after the application.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Thinning / Blending Ratio:

Ready to use.

Coverage Area
Coverage Area:

Varies according to surface. Approximately 700-1000 g/m² for a single coat.

Drying Time
Drying Time:

At 23°C and 50% relative humidity, the paste fully-dries in 2 to 3 hours.

Recommended Application Tools
Recommended Application Tools:

Trowel and spatula.


0.75 L - 2.5 L