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Wood&Wood Anti Aging Wood Varnish – Glossy, Water-Based
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Wood&Wood Anti Aging Wood Varnish – Glossy, Water-Based

This is a water-based, water-repellent, transparent, gloss and protective wood varnish that is resistant against sun rays, moisture and other atmospheric conditions. Used for decorative and protective purposes on all soft and hard interior and exterior wood surfaces, doors, windows, wooden garden furniture and other wooden materials.

Surface Preparation&Application
Surface Preparation&Application:

The surfaces should be cleaned from dirt, dust, grease, old paint and varnish residues. After Wood&Wood Anti Aging Impregnated Water-based is used as impregnation, it is recommended to apply in 2 to 3 coats by waiting 3 to 4 hours between each coat. The product should be mixed well both before and during the application.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Thinning / Blending Ratio:

Ready to use.

Coverage Area
Coverage Area:

12 m²/L on single coat.

Drying Time
Drying Time:

Fully dries in 24 hours.

Recommended Application Tools
Recommended Application Tools:

Brush and roller.


0.7 L - 2.5 L