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Perla Putty
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Perla Putty

A water and acrylic resin based, odorless, interior paste. Provides a smooth surface by filling the cracks over the surface of plaster. Can be used instead of the gypsum plaster, satin gypsum plaster and glutoline paste. A paste that can be applied easily, dries easily and enables the walls breathe easily. Resistant to water and humidity All kinds of paint can be applied over this paste, provided that a suitable primer is applied after the paste is dry.

Surface Preparation&Application
Surface Preparation&Application:

The surfaces should be cleaned from all kinds of dirt, oil and residues. Before application, recommended to apply Polizolan, 1/4 thinned with water, as a primer in order to reinforce the surface. Ready to use. Applied two coats in order to ensure a smooth surface. First coat must be fully dry before second coat is applied. During application, environment and surface temperature must be between 5°C and 30°C.

Thinning / Blending Ratio
Thinning / Blending Ratio:

Ready to use.

Coverage Area
Coverage Area:

500-1500g/m² depending on the condition of the surface and application

Drying Time
Drying Time:

It completely dries out in 1 to 3 hours at a temperature of 20°C and a relative humidity of 50%. Can be sanded after 3 hours once dried.

Recommended Application Tools
Recommended Application Tools:

Paste application tools such as trowel and spatula.


25 kg