Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

We promise to resolve customers’ complaints and demands in an open, fair, transparent and fast manner. Our primary goal is to achieve and maintain 100 % customer satisfaction by converting every complaint into an acknowledgement.

In light of these principles;

  • We assess every piece of information in line with our confidentiality policies while resolving customer complaints and reply to customers within 24 hours,
  • We adopt customer orientation, access to information and objectivity as our main principles in all processes, including the process of handling customer complaints,
  • We constantly improve our products and services based on complaint analyses and the feedback we receive from our customers and prevent the reoccurrence of complaints with a proactive approach,
  • We recover damages transparently and fairly with a customer-oriented approach and target 100% customer satisfaction,
  • We minimize application-related mistakes and ensure the correct use of products through internal and external awareness-raising seminars organized for our customers,
  • We promise to act in line with all the rules defined in ISO 10002 Guidelines for Complaint Handling and other related laws, legislations and requirements that bind us while defining and following our policies.