Our Quality and HSE Policy

Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

By investing in people, information and technology based on our society, people and environment friendly approach and quality mentality, we target zero error production and service, and zero work and environment accidents. With this belief, we promise

  • To act in line with all legislations, administrative regulations, legal responsibilities and standards regarding health, safety and the environment.
  • To consider the health, safety and environmental impacts of technologies, raw materials and auxiliary materials we use and to take the required precautions.
  • To ensure a common perspective in line with the quality, health, safety and environmental requirements at every level of the organization.
  • To provide training and open communication opportunities to all our employees and contractors to ensure constant development.
  • To offer high-quality, environmentally friendly and healthy products and services that meet the current and developing needs and expectations of the consumers, and to make their lives better.
  • To work with our suppliers and customers in cooperation and trust with a win-win principle.
  • To use energy and natural resources at the optimum level, to prevent pollution, to minimize the amount of waste and to ensure maximum returns by separate collection of waste.
  • To constantly improve all the processes within the scope of the management system.
  • To set an example with our sensitivity about environment and society by keeping our Corporate Social Responsibility awareness always at the forefront.

Our Certificates

ISO 10002 Polisan Boya
ISO 9001-14001-18001 Polisan Boya
ISO 9001 Polisan Boya
ISO 50001 Polisan Boya
ISO 27001 Polisan Boya